Requinte has born by an idea of Stefano Di Francesco.
After diverse working experiences in business sector and public relations in Italy, during the year 2000 he made a journey to Fuerteventura island and remained here, due to the beauty of the island and its unbelievable colours and light.
Here he started a new working activity in the building sector.
Of course he started from the very bottom and then, step by step, he improved his skill until he reached the responsibility of the construction sites.
In 2006, due to experience acquired, he decided to start up his own Company REQUINTE and strive for success.
REQUINTE offers a global service from small refurbishment to turnkey building.
REQUINTE takes also care of all your needs like the choice of a public account, the bank, the lawyer and even a public notary.
In REQUINTE we speak English, French, Italian and of course Spanish so that no language problem will arise.